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Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 03:18 pm

He’d promised Veronica they’d have some alone time, and the evening seemed like the perfect time. But they would probably have to wait for the rest of them to fall asleep. Had it just been Beaver and Dick with them, it would be ok to ditch them. But he wasn’t sure if he could leave Mac with those guys.

As they entered the cabin that evening, Logan turned to look at a very drunk Dick, “How you holdin’ up, man?”

Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006 08:37 pm (UTC)

"Rock 'n Roll, dude, rock n' roll," Dick slurred and gave Logan the thumbs up. At that moment, it seemed like really good time to lay his head down and sleep.

"Looks like I managed to outlast Dick," Beaver said with a smile to Mac. He glanced over to Logan and Veronica. Logan was giving him the am-scray look that he remembered so well from childhood. Gulping a little, he was glad that he had drunk just enough to give him a little courage, "Do you, um, want to walk on the beach or something? I hear there's water and everything."

Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006 08:41 pm (UTC)

Mac smiled back at Beav, "Yeah, I heard a rumor of the elusive compound known as sand too. Veronica, any urge for sand?"

She gave a look over to Veronica. She figured Veronica wanted to be alone with Logan, but just wanted to give her an out, just in case.

Wed, Jun. 28th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)

"Not particularly, no. Maybe later." Veronica waved. "You kids have fun."

Wed, Jun. 28th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)

"Okay, V." Mac smiled and lifted her eyebrows in a suggestive way. "Let's go forth and walk," she said to Beaver.

Sat, Jul. 1st, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)

"Yeah, Beave. Go forth and walk," Logan grinned.

As he watched them start to leave, Logan took Veronica's hand and started to lead her further back into the cabin. "Finally," he whispered.

Mon, Jul. 3rd, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)

Veronica giggled. "That was very suave of you."

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:02 am (UTC)

"Are you kidding? 'Suave' is my middle name," Logan replied coyly. "Along with badass, jackass, and everything else."

He sat down on one of the beds, and pulled her down with him, placing her in his lap. "Have you been having a good time? Despite Dick?" He started to lightly kissed her collarbone.

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)

Veronica straddled him comfortably, resting her arms on his shoulders. "I'm having a great time," she murmured into his ear. "Despite Dick." She laughed softly. "You know, I haven't really been drinking."

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:21 am (UTC)

"Well that's good. I'm glad." He made his way to her shoulder, then back up to her neck.

He looked at her, puzzled. "Do you want to be drinking?"

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)

"No," she replied. "I just don't want you to think I'm drunk. I was pretending when the others were around, for the sake of propriety." Veronica nuzzled his ear and played with the short hairs at the nape of his neck.

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)

"I didn't think you were drunk," he whispered, wrapping his arms around her. His kisses became stronger, and finally he brushed his lips against hers lightly.

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC)

It was practically electric when he kissed her; she half-expected their lips to spark. Veronica kissed him back firmly, wondering why he was being so gentle.

Tue, Jul. 4th, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)

He fell backward onto the bed, still holding onto her. Then he rolled them over so she was lying on the bed with him straddling her.

His hands travelled up and down her sides as he hungrily continued to kiss her. "I hope you weren't planning on... you know... talking." He said breathlessly.

Wed, Jul. 5th, 2006 09:08 am (UTC)

Veronica laughed softly when he rolled them over. In between kisses, she managed to gasp, "Talking? No. Talking isn't half as fun as this." She laced her fingers behind his neck and pulled him down, almost fiercely. What was this? It was like she needed him. Veronica clutched at his shirt, trying not to get carried away.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 07:55 am (UTC)

He could feel her clutching to him and he grinned to himself with content. While continuing to kiss her, he played with the hem of her shirt, then started to push it up, his right fingers tracing along her stomach.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 08:59 am (UTC)

Her eyes widened and she squirmed. "Do you really want this to turn into another tickle fight?" She grinned, pulling back just enough to keep their lips from touching.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)

"No no," he whispered. That hadn't been his intention, anyway. So he put his hand more firmly on her, then began to kiss her again, slowly continuining to push her shirt up.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)

Veronica gave a short, breathy laugh. "Good." His hand was warm against her skin, and she was acutely aware of each of his fingertips as they slid up her torso. Feeling daring, she flicked her tongue against his lower lip as they kissed.