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Twist of Fate

A Veronica Mars RPG

Twist of Fate: A Veronica Mars RPG
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Welcome to Twist of Fate (veronicam_rpg), a role playing game set during the first season of Veronica Mars. However, there are a few differences...

The first being that Jake Kane and not Abel Koons went to jail for the murder of Lily Kane. While Jake is innocent, the characters do not know that...it will take another twist of fate for them to discover that. Since Jake Kane went to jail...Keith Mars was never removed from office...he, instead, retired, choosing to open a small investigating firm.

Leanne Mars is still missing...but her disappearance stems not from threats being made against Veronica, but Keith putting Jake in jail.

And finally, Veronica never left the popular crowd. She is still as popular as ever...even if she and Duncan are apart.

Will Jake Kane's name ever be cleared? Will they ever discover who really did kill Lily? Is popular Veronica still the techno-aged Nancy Drew we all know and love? That, my dear players, is up to you....

So join Twist of Fate, where anything can happen. To apply for a character, go to veronicam_mod and comment on the post containing the character application.